Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Respecting and protecting your online privacy is what we are committed to and shall take up all appropriate measures to ensure that there is not misuse, misappropriation or leakage of any of your confidential information.

"Confidential Information" includes the personal information that is necessary to register with the portal but is not mandatorily visible to any other user especially to the third party. This confidential information which can also be tagged as personal information includes your first and last name, home or other physical address, email identity and contact details but are not limited to these only. The website is open for your visit without revealing your identity. The personal details are fetched by the system only when you are willing to avail our services.

Non confidential information:

Demographic information is not to be clubbed with the personal information as this can be common to many other users of our services. Such information includes your ZIP code or postal code, age, gender, race, ethnicity, preferences, occupation, career history, interests and more. The first few set of information like zip code, area, location can always be similar to a population residing on the same geographical boundaries hence they are not personal to someone and are also not unique like your email id or contact number.

We also collect behavioral information which includes the IP from which you are accessing our website, the external application e.g. mobile, tablet or laptop used to access our application and your geographical location while you are accessing our website. But this information is also preserved by us and we are committed not to share it with any third party. This information is collected with the objective to solve problem related to software and server issues, prevent fraudulent activities and thus serve your better in a protected environment.

Apart from all the information collected, we also collect indirect information from third parties if it is deemed necessary.

We are not involved in collecting any kind of sensitive personal data which includes passwords of the user of his/her email account or password used to access our website, bank account details, debit or credit card details any biometric information and more.

Cookies as a tracking technology

Our website might use cookies which are known as tracking technologies that crawl into your system to collect information about website activities. These cookies at times record and track information such as internet domain and host names, software information and click stream patterns. They are used by the websites in small text form. If you wish you can disable them from the browser and there is provision to do so. But one big disadvantage of blocking cookies from the browser is that each time you want to visit the website you have to log in afresh.

The objective and advantage of having cookies in our website is that it helps to improve our Web site and your Web experience. The collected information is later used by us to analyze for studying website trend and statistics.

Third Party Services

Third parties are those who advertise their products on our website. Since our website is targeted towards the senior citizens or retired employees above 50 years of age and above third parties that make them visible through our website include old age homes, pension plans and saving schemes that can benefit this group of visitors. We take reasonable steps to ensure that none of the third parties make any attempt to fetch your personal information. Thus we always protect and ensure confidentiality of your information from the third parties. Even if you or any third party wants to disclose or view your person information to each other we take consent of both the parties. But we do not sell the confidential information of our visitor to any third party provided such transfer is a legal requirement.

Confidentiality within the company

At Alphasecurity we ensure that the confidentiality of your information is also maintained within our company and any company who seems to be suspicious or involved in any kind of malicious activity are not given right to access use information.

We have all kinds of safeguards that shall be used to comply with all laws prevalent in the country. We maintain compliance with the Information Technology Act, 2000 and Rules made there to protect and preserve our privacy.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We at Alphasecurity, reserve the right to make any kind of changes in the privacy policy of our website. Amendment of this policy can happen at any time in any of the sections without any prior notice to the users. It is expected that the user shall read the privacy policy each time while making any transaction with us.

Note on your Resume

We shall allow all users to store their resumes on our database. This storage option is an automatic process as soon as you upload and save it. You have the option to change the data in the resume, update it or delete it at any point of time. Your resume will be searchable to any registered Employer.

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